Home Improvement

Did you know that Canadians invest upwards of $80 billion per year on home renovations and repairs? Now that people are spending more time in their homes, they are upgrading furnaces, painting, repairing, re-flooring, building decks and more, all with the aim to make their home an even more comfortable place to be.

The home improvement industry encompasses many types of trained and certified service providers who share a common goal of bettering the lives of Canadians through enhancing their homes. Our goal is to help you help homeowners and, in the process, earn a bigger piece of the home improvement pie!

This includes business in industries such as:

home improvemnt contractor digital marketing

Home Improvement

Our many years of successfully marketing for home improvement contractors have given us a deep understanding of the challenges that businesses like yours often face such as:

  • Seasonal business fluctuations
  • Finding new customers
  • Lacking a physical business location
  • Balancing B2C and B2B customer
  • Fulfilling a large volume of on-demand service requests

On the flip side, many years of experience has also given our Edmonton digital marketing agency a deep understanding of how to overcome these challenges and grow your business revenues using integrated online marketing strategies.


Your website should be your hub to drive business growth. But just having a website isn’t enough to get noticed in today’s cluttered marketplace. If your website isn’t supported by effective marketing strategies linking back to it, results are often the same as not having a website at all!

Since home improvement businesses are generally seasonal, it may seem like a great idea to go full steam ahead with marketing in your busy season and then slow down efforts in your off-season. However, from our many years of experience marketing in the home improvement industry, we have seen that off-season is a high research time for prospective customers who want to book early next season.

In order to get a jump on the upcoming season, it can be difficult to identify your best marketing solutions that are the most effective. Visibility, brand awareness, and lead generation are in play year-round. Effective digital marketing strategies for home improvement contractors focus on gaining repeat business and referrals, as well as meeting your customers’ needs for immediate and planned projects.

We have encountered many businesses in the home improvement industry that service businesses as well as consumers. These companies require different marketing strategies for each of their audiences. We can advise you on which strategies work best for your particular business model. 


Many home improvement contractors have similar concerns when they turn to our digital marketing agency. We have heard and addressed them all! Here are some of the most common pain points related to digital marketing issues that we routinely help solve:


website respnsive devices


If your website is more than three years old, has technical errors, or doesn’t represent your business and its offerings anymore, it’s time to invest in a new website. Especially if you, like many businesses in home improvement, don’t have a physical shop location, your website is EVERYTHING! Your website is how your customers can find out that you exist when they are searching online for services you offer.

If your website isn’t working for you, we are happy to take a look at your existing site. We can identify fundamental web design issues regarding structure, organization of information, and technology and also offer suggestions for opportunities to improve performance.

Sometimes your website itself isn’t the problem! As we have said before, an effective website must also be supported by other marketing strategies. At a minimum, an ongoing SEO strategy is required to improve your organic online visibility, as well as paid search campaigns to drive intentional visitors and marketing qualified leads to your website.

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The “secret” to showing up for your keywords is that there is no secret. Unfortunately, no one can promise first page ranking results. This is mostly due to the fact that Google’s algorithms are updated often, sometimes daily. However, there are things as SEO experts that we can do to boost your rankings closer to the top!

There are many reasons that your website may not show up for important keywords:

  • Technical errors: If your website performance is being hindered by technical errors, these should be resolved immediately. If they cannot be resolved, you need a new website built on modern technology with foundational SEO and best practices.
  • Poor content: An ongoing content marketing strategy via regular blogging and social media posting can help increase your keyword rankings. There are many places keywords should be used and knowing which keywords to use requires research and a strategy.
  • Insufficient social media presence: Social media can be an effective tool if used correctly to build brand awareness and customer engagement. The biggest mistake we see is creating a page and leaving it without posting content regularly. If you are too busy to post or interact with visitors’ enquiries, potential customers will probably look to your competitors for services.
  • Not enough reviews: With a review strategy in place, your satisfied customers are helping you market your business online. Reviews are full of user-generated content that is naturally keyword-rich. Search engines use reviews as a ranking factor regarding your trustworthiness.

Strategically integrating keyword rich content on your website, social media, and reviews makes an enormous difference in boosting your online presence. In our experience, the best defence is still a strong offence. What does that mean for you? It means that your content strategy is king!

digital marketing sales funnel


In the home improvement industry, we know that you cannot thrive on repeat business alone. You must have new leads! All digital marketing success ties to your ability to generate online traffic and leads!

The quickest way to generate qualified leads or to target people intentionally looking for your services “right now” is through advertising. Paid search or pay-per-click (PPC) ads target consumers in your local service area who are typing keywords related to your business into the search engines. When searchers find your ad and click on it, they will call you or fill out a form requesting a consultation or quote for your services. These people are looking to purchase now! Your job is to show them how you can help!

Other lead generation tactics incorporate SEO efforts and social media strategies. These techniques increase your brand’s visibility and engagement, as well as website traffic. Over time, these activities will generate qualified leads. These activities all work together to create a marketing ecosystem.

That being said, you can drive traffic to your website through PPC, SEO, and social media efforts, but if your website doesn’t support your marketing ecosystem, you still won’t generate leads. For best results, your website must be built on foundational SEO and conversion architecture in order to optimize your return on investment (ROI).

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All marketing is ultimately related to brand awareness. Every time someone sees your website, logo, brand name, slogan, or social properties they are exposed to your brand. If your aim is to build local brand awareness, there are a variety of advertising options:

  • Retargeting: Shows your ads to people who have already been on your website, so they don’t forget about you.
  • Geofencing: Targets people who enter physical locations (competitors, neighborhoods) with mobile ads that show in the apps already installed on users’ phones.
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads: Defines your audience by age, gender, location, job title, life events, and more! This gives you a very targeted ads demographic.

The best brand awareness campaign for your company depends on your business goals, industry, and local marketplace.

Customer review trophy


It’s true that unhappy customers are more likely to spout off a negative review on their own accord. It’s easy these days to voice your displeasure to anyone who will listen while sitting behind a screen and keyboard. It’s also true that no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to please every single person you interact with.

However, customers who are satisfied with your service are usually more than happy to leave you a review as well! Sometimes, they just need a little nudge. The best way to build up your positive reviews, and your rating, is to proactively ask for a review.

Responding to reviews, both positive and negative, makes your customers feel heard and gives readers context to understand the interaction you had with the customer. When the interaction was negative, it can be hard for business owners to remove emotion and respond in a constructive way. There are review management services with processes you can use to help you request and respond to reviews.

Overwhelmed? We get it.

Digital marketing is complex. Doing it successfully requires expertise. We are here to help you on your journey to revenue growth! If you have questions, we have answers.