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Everyone is bound to need a professional service at some point in their life. Although many professional services are an inevitability in today’s world, insurance, mortgages, and legal issues are not necessarily things that people get excited about. Consumers today now search online if they do not have a trusted friend or advisor to provide a referral connection. When consumers want professional services, they usually want them right away to fulfill an immediate, pressing requirement. Professional service providers seeking new clients need to be easily found online.

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We have successfully marketed businesses in the professional services for many years. Our years of experience gives us a solid understanding of some marketing challenges that you face, including:

  • Finding new clients or patients
  • Creating messaging compliant with your professional standards
  • Creating effective advertising compliant with your professional standards
  • Standing out in an online marketplace
  • Meeting clients’ or patients’ expectations


We probably don’t need to tell you that a website is necessary to expand your business these days. Your website should be your hub for all of your marketing activities to drive business growth. However, your website on its own isn’t enough to make you stand out from your competition and get noticed.

From our many years of experience in marketing for professional service providers, we have seen that people are usually searching for your services when they need them. It’s crucial to have a presence when and where your prospects are searching. Effective digital marketing strategies for professional services focus on providing details about the services you offer, why you are unique vis-à-vis your competition, your compliance with your profession’s practice standards, and online reviews.

We have worked with many professional service companies with product offerings for businesses as well as individual consumers. These often require different marketing strategies. We will advise you on which internet marketing strategies will bring the most value to your individual business model in your profession.



In our many years of successfully marketing for insurance agents, mortgage brokers, lawyers, and healthcare professionals, we have heard every issue that businesses like yours may come across with marketing. Some of the most common are:

Got Marketing Problems? We’ve HEARD IT ALL...

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If your website is more than three years old, is riddled with technical errors, or doesn’t accurately represent your services offerings anymore, it’s for a new website. With the recent shift to online searching due to COVID-19 and social distancing, many consumers searching for professional services must fulfill their needs searching online for a new advisor, meeting online, and filling in forms online.

This means your website is EVERYTHING! It’s how prospective customers can find out that you exist, inquire about your services, and get their insurance, mortgage, or legal services fulfilled. Your website content needs to reflect your expertise, branding, and professional status. This also means that expert website design is a crucial investment for your business!

If your website isn’t working for you, we are happy to take a look at your existing site. We can identify fundamental issues regarding structure, organization of information, and technology and also offer suggestions for opportunities to improve performance.

Sometimes your website itself isn’t the problem! As previously stated, an effective website must also be supported by an ecosystem of marketing strategies. At a minimum, ongoing SEO efforts are required to improve your organic search engine visibility, as well as paid search ads to drive intentional visitors looking for your services to your website.

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Unfortunately, the big “secret” to getting first page rankings is that there isn’t one. Regardless of what you may have heard, no one can guarantee first page rankings for your website. Google’s algorithms are updated so frequently (we’re talking daily!) that it is impossible to keep up with them.  That being said, there are a few strategies that do take some work to help you move up in the SERPs. Start by looking for:

  • Technical errors: If your website performance is sidelined by technical errors, these should be remedied immediately. If not fixable, you need to invest in a new modern website designs and technology.
  • Poor content: Content is king! This is a phrase you will hear often in the world of SEO. It’s particularly true for professional services. There are many best practice content guidelines for SEO, which is why this is best to let an Edmonton SEO company handle it for you!
  • Insufficient social media presence: Social media can be a highly effective tool when it is used correctly to build brand awareness and social engagement. For example, creating a Facebook page and not posting on is a huge mistake. Social media is social and requires efforts!
  • Not enough reviews: Let your satisfied customers help you market your business by sharing online reviews about how you solved their problem. This helps build links and trust in your services!   

In our experience, implementing a content marketing strategy is the best offense. This means that your own branded and keyword rich content is king in the search engines! Posting keyword rich content on your website, social media, and reviews pages makes an enormous difference your online presence.

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We understand that professional service providers cannot thrive on repeat business alone. New leads are crucial to grow your practice! Successful digital marketing generates leads who want your services.  

The quickest way to get qualified leads is to target people who are intentionally looking for your services “right now”. Paid search or pay-per-click (PPC) ads target consumers in your local area who are typing keywords related to your services into the search engines. When searchers find your ad and click on it, they can call you or fill out a form requesting an appointment or a quote for your services. These are qualified leads who are looking to purchase your services now.

Other effective lead generation activities include ongoing SEO efforts and social media strategies. These processes increase your brand visibility, brand engagement, and website traffic. Over time, these activities will generate qualified leads.  These activities become part of your marketing ecosystem.

That being said, you can drive traffic to your website through PPC, SEO, and social media efforts, but if your website is not functional, you still will not generate leads.  For best results, your website needs foundational SEO and conversion architecture to optimize your return on marketing investment (ROI).



All marketing is ultimately related to brand awareness. Every time someone lands on your website or social properties, sees your logo, or hears your slogan or brand name, they are exposed to your brand. If your aim is to build local brand awareness, there are several advertising options to help potential clients and patients find you:

  • Retargeting: Shows your ads to people who have already been on your website, so they do not forget about you.
  • Geofencing: Targets people who enter physical locations (competitors, neighborhoods) where mobile ads show in the apps already installed on users’ phones.
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads: Defines your ads audience by age, gender, location, job title, life events, and more! This gives you a very targeted advertising demographic.

The best brand awareness advertising solution for you will depend on your business goals, industry, and local marketplace.

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Several studies have found that satisfied customers are usually quite open to sharing their positive experiences in a review. The key is that you need to ask them to do it! The best way to build up positive ratings and trust in your brand is to proactively ask for reviews as part of your business process.

You can ask for reviews through tools such as automation platforms and review services. Automations make clients aware that it is possible to review you; they also solve the problems of you forgetting to ask or not knowing when to ask. Nonetheless, you will receive reviews if you ask. For some professional services, there will be some clients or patients who will not review you. For example, depending on your services provided, some clients may not want others to know that they needed these services.

But just getting reviews is not enough. Your goals are to maintain a good rating, get reviews often, and respond to all reviews whether positive or negative. There are review management services you can use to help you with these processes.

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Digital marketing is complex. Doing it successfully requires expertise. We are here to help you on your journey to revenue growth! If you have questions, we have answers.