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3 Signs That Your B2b Company Needs Local Seo Services

3 Signs That Your B2B Company Needs Local SEO Services

As a company that serves other businesses, it is probably true that many of your relationships are referrals and repeat business. Unfortunately, that is usually not enough for a company to survive, let alone grow! To continue gaining new customers, they need to be able to find you even when they don’t know who you are.

Showing up in organic search engine rankings for appropriate keywords is a big part of what drives new customers to your website. You want your search engine presence to be as robust as possible, so you show up when people in your service area are searching for products and services you offer.

Without an ongoing SEO strategy, it is not likely that your website will show up for important keywords that drive traffic and leads. Here are three of the biggest signs that you need an SEO strategy for your B2B business:

1. You Aren’t Getting a Steady Flow of Quality Leads

The first people that are going to be searching your site will likely be your friends, family, and team members. If they can’t find you on search engines, how will your customers? Most people do not look past the first couple of pages of Google when they are looking for something. This means that you need to make sure that your website is associated with the proper keywords that your customers are using. Working with a digital marketing partner who specializes in SEO will assure that proper, relevant keyword research is done. With the right keywords, you will have a better chance of ranking for keywords that people are searching for which will increase traffic to your website and eventually result in leads.

We're all familiar with the welcome boost in traffic that usually occurs when we drop a brilliant blog entry or viral social media post. If you're hooked into your Google Analytics, you probably watch your numbers carefully every time you release new content to see how many people visit your site. However, sometimes we don't achieve the effect that we desire with content that we think is excellent, and it becomes time to reach out to SEO experts who can help you achieve results.

2. You Don’t Feel You are Getting Results from Social Media

Social media is becoming more and more important in forming the online presence of any business. Choosing the right social media to put your resources into is absolutely critical, especially for B2B businesses. Is it likely that someone on Facebook will want to follow a page for a business that offers shutdown services to gas plants? Probably not. Facebook is personal. Might someone connect with you on LinkedIn if you are posting about your services or relevant industry news? Absolutely! It was made for making those professional connections.

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The most important thing to note with social media is it takes a time commitment to do it well. You need to allocate time daily to post, comment, message, and connect with other people. There is no hard evidence that social media has a direct correlation with SEO, however it can drive traffic to your website and can without a doubt grow your brand awareness and engagement.

3. You’re Only Using Paid Ads

Many businesses look to pay-per-click (PPC) to drive traffic to their sites. However, PPC does not yield the same level of returns for B2B businesses as you might expect if you were selling to consumers. It still can have its place in marketing for a B2B business, but this type of advertising can become expensive, results will fluctuate seasonally, and you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket.

Paid ads only show up as long as you have available budget in the campaign, however it does not build anything permanent that can help your online presence like SEO does. Including SEO in your marketing strategy will have a better rate of return than just using PPC advertising alone. Not only will SEO efforts build relevant content that will remain part of your online presence for years to come, but it also will contribute to the quality score of your website which can improve your PPC campaign performance.

So, You Should Ditch Other Marketing Efforts and Focus 100% on SEO, Right? Wrong

According to a study done by Webmarketing123, SEO makes the biggest impact on lead generation for B2B businesses! This does not mean that pay-per-click and social media do not work for B2B businesses. It just means that SEO is the number 1 contributor to online success for businesses like yours. So, if budget or manpower is an issue and you cannot include multiple aspects in your digital marketing strategy, focus on SEO.

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It's beyond any doubt that working with SEO experts is one of the best ways to grow your B2B business online. If you want to grow your revenues and are ready to get started on a path to better search engine rankings and more website traffic that will help you get there, contact us today!

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