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Adjusting Your Online Presence For The New Normal

Adjusting Your Online Presence for the New Normal

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a massive impact on our daily lives, including the way we buy and sell. While some remain open, many brick and mortar stores are closed to the public, and more and more people are turning to ordering goods and services online to reduce to contact with other people, in hopes of stopping the spread of COVID-19. Experts are projecting that we will still have at least another 12 to 18 months where contact-free commerce is preferable. In this age of social distancing, businesses of all kinds are needing to adapt and change their strategies to survive this unprecedented economic upset. Contact us to learn more.

Up Your Internet Marketing Game with a Custom eCommerce Website 

In light of the surge in contact-free shopping, searches for SEO and digital marketing have increased. Retailers are realizing the importance of having an eCommerce website and having the ability to sell online. A web design company (such as Smart WSI Marketing) can build you a beautiful, efficient eCommerce website, and take the headache out of running your website and handling your the marketing, so you can focus on keeping your business strong in the face of economic uncertainty. There is no time like the present to invest in a custom website to set you apart from your competitors and remind your customers that you are still there for them.  

Take a Soft-Sell Marketing Approach to Highlight How You’re Helping Your Customers 

Make sure your website is full of great content - including a catalog that is easy to navigate - to ensure that your buyers can find you and showcase what your business is doing to make things better for your customers during this strange time. If your brick and mortar location is open, show people how you are implementing social distancing with photos or video. Highlight any online offers you might currently have running. It’s important to showcase your offerings without being pushy to your customers. People are a little more on edge these days and are a little more sensitive to aggressive sales tactics.  

Consider Contactless Convenience and Incorporate Appropriate Messaging in Your Content

Searches for “curbside pick-up,” “online,” “delivery,” “virtual,” and “free shipping” are rising steadily. Since it’s not as easy to go to the store and grab what you wanted before, people are searching for the fastest, easiest way to get their stuff. If you already have these offerings implemented, make sure it is incorporated into your content plan to boost your rankings, and clearly communicate your contactless options to your customer base. If you don’t already have these options available, you may want to consider adding them to your operation, as it is very likely that your competitors who are offering them are out-ranking you, and therefore taking business from you! 

Remote Retail is on the Rise – Are You Ready? 

Shopping services (such as grocery pick up) were rising steadily prior to Coronavirus coming into our lives, but the pandemic has definitely given things a push. Not only are things like grocery delivery and curbside pick-ups necessary in our strangely isolated world for the time being, the modern consumer likes these options, and they are trends that will likely stick around long after the pandemic is declared to be over, whenever that may be. People with busy work schedules and home lives love the option of having someone else shop for their groceries and set them on their door step, rather than make time to get to the grocery store, or have to pack up the kids and wait in line and risk public toddler melt downs.  

Now is Not the Time to Skimp on Your Digital Marketing 

While it may be tempting to let up on your marketing efforts during quarantine, this will hurt you in the long run. Playing catch up with your marketing can be expensive and stressful, as you are going to lose business sitting on the bench waiting for things to go back to a “normal” that we honestly may never see again. Even long after the pandemic is declared over, we are going to feel its effects.  

Partner with an Agency for eCommerce and Internet Marketing Solutions

The expert team at Smart WSI Marketing understands the importance of being seen in an increasingly digital world. Let us help you get set up for success during our new normal with stunning custom eCommerce website designs, specialized local SEO, advertising management and more. Get in touch with us for a free consultation today!

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