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Day and Night: Marketing Your Company for All Hours of the Day

Originally posted on June 7, 2016; Updated on July 29, 2022

Day and Night: Marketing Your Company for All Hours of the Day

We've been talking a lot lately about how to place your business in front of your target audience and make sure the information they need or want is available to them instantly. If you've been following along, we’ve mentioned "micro-moments" and how important they are to attract and keep your mobile users. Now we're going to tell you how to leverage those moments through online marketing for your Alberta business, all hours of the day and night. Call Smart WSI Marketing today to learn more!

A New Kid in Town

As a business owner, you are no doubt sensitive to the fact that timing is everything. Almost all businesses are cyclical and have times of the year that are busier than others, or seasons that impact your business more than others. The same is true about the time of day that your customers are most likely to be accessing the web from their mobile devices, looking for your products or services and ready to engage. Leveraging those moments will ensure your offers are right in front of your customers when they need it most. This online marketing tactic for your business is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising technique called "dayparting."

How Dayparting Increases Activity

The Internet is open for business 24/7/365 and if you have a comprehensive marketing strategy in place, your information is out there and readily accessible. You have targeted ads with links, and you've got offers going to your customers every day at 9:00 am. You're on the ball! You're definitely on the right track, but what about your customers who are just arriving at work at that time? Or the customers who have worked night shift that are gone to sleep?

Using the analytics that tell you when your target audience is most active online and setting up your online marketing accordingly ensures your information is in front of your potential customers when they have time to see it and respond. An easy example is if your business sells pizza, sending an offer email first thing in the morning might plant a seed, but sending one about half an hour before your target audience has to start making dinner is more likely to have them hit the "order now" button.

Applying PPC Dayparting Practices

You don't really have to be working day and night to apply dayparting practices, but there are some things you need to do so it seems like you are:

  • Be sure your online presence is there for your customers day and night but allocate your PPC ad budget to the times that will be most effective. This is most important when budget is limited.
  • Make your messages timely- that is, use insights to see what products or services should be highlighted at what time of day or night.

Just when you think you have everything you need for successful online marketing for your Alberta business, something new comes up. Make the most of your advertising dollars by contacting Smart WSI Marketing today! We have the knowledge and experience to make sure your messages to your customers are delivered when they need them most.

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Lynne Motkoski, Digital Marketing Strategist
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Education: MA Communications & Technology, BComm [U Alberta]
Author: The Online Marketing Handbook for Busy Entrepreneurs (coming soon)

Lynne is known for her strategic approach to marketing communications, technologies, and lead generation. She has a passion for education, keeping up with current marketing trends and practices, and helping clients keep ahead of their competition.

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