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Don’t Let These Website Mistakes Drive Away Customers

Don’t Let These Website Mistakes Drive Away Customers

We’re often asked if there’s a way to tell if a website is losing sales. The truth is every eCommerce website loses sales each day! It’s simply impossible to convert every visitor to your site into a paying customer. A better question might be if there’s something you can do about low conversion rates. Thankfully, the answer is yes! And many times, all it takes is fixing or avoiding common website design mistakes. Smart WSI Marketing is an Edmonton website design company that knows how to help you avoid making web design mistakes that could cost you customers. Contact us to learn how.

5 Website Mistakes That Drive Customers Away

There are any number of factors that can affect your website’s conversion rate. Usability, layout, content, and CTAs are just a few web design features that influence the overall user experience. These five common mistakes can all lead to a reduced conversion rate. Fortunately, an experienced digital marketing agency can easily resolve these website design blunders for you.

  1. Your web design hasn’t been optimized to pass the 3-second test. Most people make snap decisions about whether to stay on a website. As they become more digitally savvy, that old three-second rule gets shorter. Consumers want a site that loads quickly and immediately shows them the information they came looking for.
  2. Weak or missing CTAs. A weak call-to-action is bad enough, but many sites don’t have them at all. It isn’t enough to list your contact information in the upper right-hand corner of your web pages, although that’s a good start. If the goal is to make it easy for people to contact you—and it should be—include clickable CTAs throughout your website, including in blog posts.
  3. The content is company focused. People coming to an eCommerce website are there to buy something that solves their urgent problem. Focus less on how great your products are and more on how the customer will benefit from them.
  4. You’re not getting contact information. Few people will buy your product or service the first time they visit your site. To reinvite them, you need to know how to get in touch. Your web design should include a simple, fast way for people to sign up for your email list. You can also encourage them to follow your business on various social media platforms.
  5. Unclear navigation is leaving people frustrated. A website design with confusing navigation confuses people and convinces them to leave and never come back. Aside from losing the customer, high bounce rates can also affect your site’s reliability in the eyes of Google. Choose a web design partner who knows how to make it easy for people to quickly find the products and services they want.

Website Design That Brings in Customers

If you’re ready to optimize your website for more conversions, we can help. Smart WSI Marketing is an Edmonton website design company that’s helped countless local Alberta businesses improve their conversion rates and boost sales. Contact us today to learn more. 

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