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Edmonton SEO Company: Why User-Friendly Design is Key to Having Success with SEO

Edmonton SEO Company

Having a web design that is easy to access, view, and navigate is the key creating a strong online presence for your business. Competition in the online world is intense, so if a user can't quickly find the product or service they're looking for quickly and easily on your website, they'll simply go elsewhere. While every Edmonton SEO company has different tools and strategies for boosting search engine rankings, they all agree on one thing: Creating a great customer experience begins with a well-designed, fully functional website.

What Makes a Website User-Friendly?

Creating a website isn't a one-time endeavour. Rigorous and ongoing testing are necessary to ensure that the site's design and features suit the needs of your audience. In order to meet current standards of usability, your Edmonton SEO company should make your website:

  • Be accessible. Your website should be designed to accommodate a diverse range of users and devices. Don't just think of the average user; try to be as inclusive as possible when choosing your website's features.
  • Be secure. If a potential customer thinks their personal information could be at risk, they will avoid purchasing products and services from your website.
  • Be easy to navigate. Good organization and navigation encourage visitors to spend more time browsing on your site.
  • Have minimal "noise." Successful websites don't overwhelm their visitors with information. Content is laid out in a logical manner that helps users quickly find what they need.

Websites created by WSI (Your Edmonton SEO Company) are extensively tested for "user-friendliness" — from choosing the right design and layouts to any fixing potential problems your web visitors might encounter. Contact us today for more advice on improving the usability of your website.

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