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How Geofencing Display Ads Can Help Your Local Business Reach New Audiences

How Geofencing Display Ads Can Help Your Local Business Reach New Audiences

We talk a lot about local marketing and local SEO but there’s another local strategy businesses can use to target customers at exactly the right time and place. It’s called geofencing and it can help grow your business in ways you might not have thought about. An experienced internet marketing company like Smart WSI Marketing can help you use different types of marketing like ads, emails, and other content to reach local customers seeking the products and/or services you provide. Contact us to learn more. 

How Does Geofencing Work? 

A location-based technology, geofencing relies on the GPS location of smartphone users in designated geographic areas, including competitor’s locations.  

As part of a digital marketing strategy, geofencing is a powerful way to get information about your brand in front of the right people. It’s a fairly simple process, especially if you focus on the word “fencing.” Geofencing works by creating a “fence” or border around a specific location that can encompass multiple shops, addresses, and/or neighbourhoods. 

You can use geofencing as part of your internet marketing strategy to: 

  • Drive nearby foot traffic to your business. 
  • Advertise at events that your target audience attend. 
  • Target people at related businesses, i.e. people who might need your services, too.
  • Target a competitor’s customers.
  • Remarket to target customers after they’ve already visited your business. 

A “fence” can be placed almost anywhere! 

An internet marketing agency can help you use geofencing as part of your digital marketing strategy in the most cost-effective and successful way. They’ll help you: 

  • Identify your goals
  • Define your audience
  • Identify the best zones
  • Create and launch ads that speak directly to the customers you want to reach
  • Track results and adjust and refine for optimal results 

Add Geofencing to Your Online Marketing Efforts 

Are you ready to use geofencing to reach more customers and grow your business? Smart WSI Marketing is an award-winning Edmonton digital marketing agency that can help you leverage geofencing in the best possible way. To learn more, contact us today.

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