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How Internet Marketing Benefits Your Business

How Internet Marketing Benefits Your Business

It’s cost effective, measurable, and allows you to target ideal customers. What’s not to love about internet marketing? Experts predict that eCommerce’s share of retail in Canada will be nearly 9% in 2020 and consumers will spend CA$52.04 billion this year. If you’re not actively marketing your business online, you may be missing out on significant growth opportunities. An internet marketing company specializing in digital marketing techniques can make sure you’re connecting with a higher number of qualified leads who convert to loyal customers. Contact us to learn more.

Designing an Online Marketing Strategy

Globally, more than 4 billion people use the internet and it’s estimated close to two billion of them purchase goods and services online. Whether they complete a purchase online or not, 60 to 70% of shoppers begin their product or service searches online.

Internet marketing drives sales and builds brand awareness, two top digital marketing priorities for any business. If you want to expand your reach and increase profits, an online marketing strategy is a must.

The Benefits of Digital Marketing

There are seven main types of internet marketing: social media, email, content, influencer, affiliate, SEO (search engine optimization), and paid advertising. Each type encompasses a range of strategies and tactics that together can make your business an online contender. A skilled digital marketing agency understands how to make these methods work together to attract more leads and convert more visitors.

What does your business stand to gain?

  • The positive results that come from personalizing your customers’ experiences. When you customize a customer’s experience, you’re connecting with them on a level that builds trust and promotes loyalty. They feel you understand their problem on a more intimate level.
  • Unlike traditional advertising, well-designed internet marketing campaigns allow you to drive traffic made up of people who are already interested in what you provide.
  • You get seen by more people. Content marketing, social media marketing, and video marketing are all great ways to build brand visibility and get people more familiar with your business.
  • A lot of bang for your buck. Digital marketing is a cost-effective approach that gives you a good return on your investment. And since you’re targeting people who are already interested in what you offer, it’s relatively more affordable than other advertising methods.

Create an Internet Marketing Campaign That Works

One of the greatest pluses of online marketing is that the internet is open 24/7. That means your website works as a round-the-clock marketing tool that allows your business to earn more, even when you’re sleeping!

A digital marketing agency is your trusted partner in handling everything from website design to SEO efforts and PPC ads. Smart WSI Marketing is a full-service Edmonton digital marketing agency that offers internet marketing services designed to drive profitable results. We’d love to help your business grow, too. To learn more about all the services we offer, reach out to us today.

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Lynne is known for her strategic approach to marketing communications, technologies, and lead generation. She has a passion for education, keeping up with current marketing trends and practices, and helping clients keep ahead of their competition.

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