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How You Should Properly Balance Your Content Strategy

How You Should Properly Balance Your Content Strategy

Finding the proper balance, in the context of content strategy is an ever-changing art, people in marketing are still trying to figure out. Part of the reason for this is because there is no one formula that works. Industry watchers have noticed two trends when it comes to content strategy. The first is that traffic starts to slow down if posts were not done once per day. Others have noticed that longer posts tend to attract more eyeballs. Ultimately, the best strategy seems to involve both, consistency as well as quality. The following is a brief look at achieving it.

Study the Numbers

You may be proud of your latest blog post, but if it isn’t attracting readers, then it is useless. Whether you like it or not quality as far as content is concerned is not measured by subjective admiration of the reader but by objective results. These results include time spent on the page, how much it was shared, number of views, etc. So how does one go about making sure your content is getting maximum mileage? A good way to find out is by doing A/B testing. By doing A/B testing you will be able to see which methods are producing the best results.

A common A/B test involves sending out emails with different subject lines. This way, you will be able to see which one was opened more and viewed. An important thing to remember is to stick to one message when sending emails. If the messages, as well as the subject lines, are different, it will be very difficult to see which one worked best. In other words, scientific methods require you to maintain consistency, otherwise, it is difficult to make an objective analysis.

Keep an Eye Out for Quality

Regardless of the type of content, or sources such as blogs, reviews, videos, expert opinions, guest contributions, etc. it should all meet a basic standard of quality. Otherwise, you risk making the whole thing looking unprofessional. All it takes is one thing to look out of place to make everything look bad. A good place to get started is by putting in place a style guide for marketers to refer to. This could include anything from standards for graphics, writing tone and so on.

Keep up with the Times

Society is constantly changing. What is acceptable is changing practically by the minute. Your content needs to reflect that also. A thought or view that was considered all right just a few years ago, may not be today, and if your content is on the wrong side of that equation, you now have a major problem on your hands. Quality control in terms of what is acceptable speech is a full-time job. Keep an eye out for proper grammar and trends and you should be fine. Give us a call today to start upgrading your content!

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