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Publish And Share Seasonal Content To Boost Your Local Seo Results

Publish and Share Seasonal Content to Boost Your Local SEO Results

Mobile devices are now the go-to advisors for the modern consumer. Even when looking for goods and services in their local area they use their smartphones for ideas and inspiration. In fact, over 80% of shoppers say they consult their phones before heading into a nearby store or place of business. Our Edmonton SEO company can help you create content that improves your search engine rankings and attracts local buyers. Contact us to learn more.

Why Local Marketing? 

Edmonton is home to nearly a million people. The odds are good that many of them don’t know your business exists. This is where local SEO comes in.  

Local SEO is the process of optimizing your business’ online presence to attract more customers based on their local searches. Whether you own a brick-and-mortar store or offer in-home services like electrical repairs or housecleaning, area-specific marketing plays a vital role in rankings, reputation, and revenue.  

Investing in a solid local SEO strategy is a smart investment. Working with an SEO expert who understands local SEO techniques like claiming your Google My Business listing, managing online ratings and reviews, maintaining social media accounts, and search engine optimization can help take your business from obscure to well-known.  

Edmonton SEO Services

An SEO agency that understands the local market is literally worth their weight in gold, showing you how to improve your local search visibility through a number of proven approaches including optimizing voice search, homing in on local keywords, and optimizing your website for mobile. One of the best strategies people aren’t as familiar with is publishing and sharing seasonal content to boost local SEO results. 

Build a Seasonal SEO Strategy 

Seasonal SEO is a lot like traditional SEO but adds in techniques like themes, certain time periods, and local events. It provides several benefits for your business including: 

  • Meeting specific needs. 
  • Higher rates of conversion since user intent is specific and immediate. 
  • It can be repurposed each year. 
  • Opportunities for upsells and cross-selling. 
  • Here are just four ways you can quickly boost seasonal SEO traffic: 
  • Use search engine optimization to add specific seasonal terms to your standard keyword list.  
  • Generate holiday and other themed blog posts that cover any topic but specifically mention the special occasion. Examples include holiday gift ideas, skincare routines, prepping the home for holiday parties, and so on. 
  • Optimize landing pages with seasonal content that includes the keywords from step #1. 
  • Write a holiday gift guide that’s specific to your products or services. Or use Google Trends to follow what’s hot in your neighborhood and let that guide your content strategy. 

The goal with any seasonal content strategy is to communicate your unique value proposition in a way that engages, entertains, and converts your local target audience. 

Let’s Get Local 

Whether you’re looking to get more leads, increase brand awareness, or both, Smart WSI Marketing is an Edmonton based SEO company that offers a full range of digital marketing strategies including search engine optimization and seasonal content creation. Contact us today to learn more.

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