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The Benefits Of Switching To A Catalog Or Ecommerce Site

The Benefits of Switching to a Catalog or eCommerce Site

Catalog sites and eCommerce sites go hand in hand but are not synonymous. A catalog site is more or less what it sounds like – a website where you can browse and find information on various products. An eCommerce website allows you to actually purchase products within the catalog. Here are a few benefits to switching to an online catalog or an eCommerce site. Contact us to discuss eCommerce sites.


The majority of people research a product by looking it up online before they decide to buy it. A catalog clearly shows your customers what you have to offer before they decide to visit your shop and make a purchase. An eCommerce website takes this a step further and allows consumers to purchase a product as soon as they do their research. They are already on your website to look at your products, deciding whether or not to buy them. Wouldn’t it be in everyone’s best interest if they could do just that on a website they are already engaging with?  

Engaging Content 

When looking at a catalog people like to feel inspired and motivated. With online catalogs, you can take matters to another level by adding interactive elements like videos, photo galleries, and testimonials from others who have already bought your products. The great thing about an online catalog is that you are not limited to the still images of an old-fashioned paper catalog.  

Increased Sales 

At the end of the day, eCommerce websites and all tools that they come with, like a great catalog, are to accomplish one thing - more sales. This is where they truly stand apart. They make is possible to purchase products online with a just a few clicks. The combination of looking at something, feeling inspired and going directly to the purchase page is very satisfying to customers, and leads to more sales for you.  

Extend Your Reach 

Social media has become an indispensable tool in modern marketing. Sharing new products on social media sites is a great way to extend reach, beyond customers who are visiting the website or are on your mailing list. Social media allows you to place your ads in front of more potential customers, instead of waiting for them to find you. When these ads are linked to your catalog or eCommerce website, you are able to get sales from someone who didn’t necessarily know they were looking for your products. 

Why Wait? 

Online shopping is now a part of daily life. If your Edmonton business is product-based and you don't have an eCommerce component incorporated into your website design, you are missing a key opportunity to grow your business! The experts at Smart WSI Marketing can build you an efficient and visually stunning eCommerce website. Contact us today to discuss your website vision.

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