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Top Ecommerce Fails That Drive Down Sales

Top eCommerce Fails that Drive Down Sales

You have set up a good eCommerce website on a leading eCommerce platform. You have remembered to do all aspects of running the site from the technical side of things such as SEO, putting up content and so on. But lately, you’ve noticed things are not going as smooth, and there is a noticeable drop in sales. How could this happen? There could be a number of reasons behind this, but the following are some of the more common reasons.

1. Not Staying in Touch

Once a consumer buys a product it is important to follow up on that order. It is important to keep in touch with them by offering them more value. This is how you convert first time buyers into loyal, repeat consumers. According to a study done by Harvard Business school, consumers typically spend 40% more on their 4th purchase and as much as 80% more on their 8th purchase, on average! These numbers show how important it is to build relationships to gain repeat buyers.

2. Avoiding Email Marketing

With all the new technologies available today, many people have forgotten about the power of emails. The truth is that email marketing can still be a very powerful sales tool if done well. It's easy to spot the websites that understand this. It’s the ones that encourage visitors to sign up for newsletters and other offers such as discount coupons, by asking you for your email. The beauty of email marketing is that it can be customized according to your needs. An example would be an email drip campaign. Drip campaigns allow you to send specific types of emails to specific types of consumers. In short, it is much more precise in its targeting capability.

3. Neglecting the Details

When products are displayed online, show as many details as possible about them. When details look hidden, consumers lose trust, and move on. Remember, the content you use to show products, such as text, images, and videos are your online sales team.

4. Not Offering a Unique Value Proposition

Creating a unique value proposition (UVP) is an excellent way to increase sales. The basic concept of UVP is simple: give consumers a unique experience when shopping with you - something that differentiates you from the competition. This will obviously change according to the type of business you are in. It could be anything from offers and promotions, to products or services for existing customers.

A Customized Approach

There are many options but no one-size-fits-all solutions to help boost sales on eCommerce sites. It comes down to your industry, local market, the products you are offering, and technology of your website platform. The above examples are ways to make the online buying experience memorable for your consumer. If you need help with a marketing strategy to drive online sales on your eCommerce website, give us a call today!

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