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What Type of Content is Going to Dominate in 2020?

What Type of Content is Going to Dominate in 2020?

In the early days of search engines and marketing, content that was created for websites was relatively simple. As far as getting good search ranking was concerned, all you needed to do was practice keyword stuffing and you had a decent shot at getting noticed. This is not the case anymore. As search engine algorithms became better and marketers started putting up better content, the game changed. Contact us for a consultation.

Now, matters have gone next level mainly because the artificial intelligence (AI) powering the algorithms have become more capable. What does this mean for marketing your business online? It means you will be able to publish much more streamlined and specialized content in order to target specific audiences.

Content marketing has gone from just a concept to methodologies that evolve with every algorithm update. It has become a science of sorts that requires ongoing efforts.

Use More Visuals

Visual media platforms are booming. Whether it is Snapchat, YouTube or Instagram, using interactive imagery to put out photos or videos is going to continue to be big in 2020 and way beyond. Part of the reason for this is with smartphones, we all have near-professional quality cameras in our pockets. Snapchat, for example, makes use of a tool called augmented reality (AR) that helps with making visuals. YouTube, meanwhile, has exploded in popularity especially among the adult crowd. In fact, video content on the various social media platforms has seen tremendous growth, among young people and adults alike. Matters have reached a point where a short video to market a product is a huge competitive advantage.

EAT the Competition

As a result of the January 2020 Broad Core Algorithm update, marketers and content creators are becoming increasingly aware that Google uses certain metrics to not only decide page rankings in search engine results but also to decide if the page should be allowed at all.

To avoid crawling errors and Google penalties, focus on EAT (expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness). Your content should provide original information, reporting, research or analysis and should be a complete or comprehensive description of the topic.

EAT applies to website content, blog posts, reviews, and social media activity in different ways. Google takes this seriously, which means so should you.

Be Truthful

With all the tools and guidelines connected to marketing, the days of untruthful advertising tactics are ineffective and will result in penalties. Today’s content marketing is all about building trust with your potential customers as well as working on niche markets. Just do your research on your customer base and market accordingly with fabulous content and you should do well. Although it sounds simple, it is overwhelming for business owners to undertake without guidance tailored to their business. If you would like a consultation, feel free to reach out to us! We are here to help.

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