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Why Doesn’t My Website Show Up on Page 1 of Google?

Why Doesn’t My Website Show Up on Page 1 of Google?

You’ve probably heard that most people don’t click past the first page of search results. If your website or landing pages aren’t appearing on page one of Google, you might worry that people won’t find or contact your business. If you aren’t showing up on Google’s first page, you’re missing out on significant traffic that could increase your revenue. If you want to grow your online presence and improve your SERP (search engine results page) results, working with an Edmonton SEO company like Smart WSI Marketing can be the solution you’re looking for. Call us for a free marketing check up today!

Search Engine Optimization and Ranking

The way your web pages are optimized can have an enormous impact on their ability to rank. Improving your site’s search engine optimization (SEO), including local SEO, can get it ranked higher, so you see more traffic.

If, like most business owners, you’re not an SEO expert, here are some of the most important SEO ranking factors to pay attention to:

  • A secure, well-designed website
  • Page speed
  • Mobile page speed and friendliness
  • Optimized content
  • Links
  • Social signals
  • Real business information

The term search engine ranking refers to a web page’s position on SERPs. A first page or #1 ranking is when people search for a specific term or phrase and your web page is the first result they see below promoted results and answer boxes.

How an SEO Agency Can Help Improve Ranking

Google’s stated goal is to make information accessible and useful. Delivering relevant search results is a big part of that and is a simple process:

  • Google’s “spiders” crawl the web and visit web pages.
  • The spiders add optimized pages to the index and catalog them.
  • When potential customers search for something online, the SERPs show them the best matches based on specific search terms.

While the process is simple, figuring out which search terms will get you ranked is not. That’s because it’s not just about the terms you choose, it’s also about the quality of the information and other factors like website reputation and expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. It can get even trickier for local SEO, as you need to include things like specific geographic qualifiers.

An SEO agency has the tools and knowledge needed to research trending keywords for your niche and then use them to create engaging, relevant, and useful information for your target audience. That helps improve the quality of your website traffic and helps your web pages rank higher on Google.

Edmonton SEO Services

If your website isn’t appearing in Google’s search results or it’s ranking lower than it once did, an SEO audit can help determine if your keyword selection is still relevant. Smart WSI Marketing is an Edmonton SEO company that can help you create a strong local presence and gain higher rankings. Contact us today to hear more about how our SEO services, including local SEO, can be the game-changing solutions you need.

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