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Why Local Seo Services Matter To Both Companies And Consumers

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is important in bringing organic traffic to your website. There is however what is called local SEO and organic SEO. With Local SEO services, you get to attract more reliable leads as compared to organic SEO. The two may share tactics and best practice but it may take a slightly different approach to get your website to rank higher on search engines locally. The main difference between the two is that organic SEO is the general ranking of a website in any search. On the other hand, local SEO is location specific such that it is focused on a specific geographical location.

Why Is It Important To Your Business?

The importance of local SEO services can only be measured by the impact they make on your business. According to research done by Forbes, 95% of smartphone users will use their devices to look for products or services near them. 61% of these users will use the contact information found online to contact the service provider and 59% of them will make a point of visiting the business’ physical location. Out of all these, there is a huge number of clients who will buy what you are selling. This makes it crucial to contract local SEO services providers in order to optimize your website for local visibility online.

How Local SEO Is Done

Local SEO is quite entailing because it involves various ranking factors, with each carrying its own weight on the performance of your website. These local SEO services ranking factors include:

  • Google My Business signals
  • External loc. Signals
  • On-page signals
  • Link signals
  • Review signals
  • Social signals
  • Behavioral/mob. Signals
  • Personalization

For your business to rank at the top locally, you must ensure that you first claim your Google My Business page. This is a free tool that allows customers to see your business on Google search and Maps. This not only ensures that you secure new clients but also helps them know what makes your business special. After that, major on local Name, Address, Phone number (NAP) citations, and local reviews. For NAP citations to work, there needs to be consistency on details. This means that whenever you are making NAP citations, the name should be exactly the same on all pages. You can easily get local reviews from your existing customer base. When you are done with the three above you can now focus on building links.

The process of optimizing your website locally can be entailing and complex. Contact us today and we will help you set up your website and optimize it for local customers.

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