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Leverage The Power Of Customer Reviews

Leverage the Power of Customer Reviews

It's no secret that consumers rely heavily on the Internet when making purchase decisions. In fact, nearly 97% of shoppers research a product or business online before making their purchases. While web design and product descriptions are tantamount to sales, customers are seeking even more information and they're finding it in the form of online company reviews.

Current research shows reviews are read before making purchase decisions by over 93% of shoppers. When we first explored this topic back in 2016, that number was only 60%! That is quite a jump in just a few years. Whether you are an eCommerce seller or a brick-and-mortar retail shop, Smart WSI Marketing can help you leverage the power of reviews to prove your credibility, eliminate harmful weaknesses and improve your SEO. Call us today for a consultation.

Prove your Credibility

Since reviews are submitted by their peers, shoppers feel they are getting a true account of the product or service they are looking to purchase from your business. By sharing the opinions of your customers, you are showing potential shoppers that you are not only confident, but you are also transparent in your dealings.

Your credibility is improved even further if you include negative reviews. Turn them positive by addressing the concerns in the review and providing a resolution. Your response will please the customer who was unsatisfied and gain trust with readers considering your wares.

Identify Weaknesses

Just as negative reviews can be turned positive and improve your credibility, they are instrumental in identifying weaknesses within your business that can be strengthened to boost sales. If customers are reporting difficulty with customer service, for example you can focus on more training to ensure the customer experience is top notch. If certain products are an issue, you can make improvements or consider dropping the product to save considerably on inventory that doesn't sell.

Improve your SEO

An added bonus that a lot of people don’t realize come with customer reviews is that with every review, your customers are adding the fresh content that Google craves. It’s naturally rich in the keywords you want to rank for as well, and the beauty of user generated content is that your customers are doing it for you. All you have to do is provide them with a positive customer experience, and most likely ask for a review. Most satisfied customers are more than happy to leave a review, they just may need a gentle nudge to do so.

Customer reviews are about both quality and quantity when it comes to boosting your ranking factors. You need to get reviews on a consistent basis to maintain your rating to show Google that you are relevant and current. The number of reviews you have will also help maintain a positive rating. The more reviews you have, given that the majority of them are positive, the higher your average rating will be.

Responding to reviews will also increase your ratings and boost your rankings. It builds your authority and ultimately trust in your brand. And not just the positive ones either. It’s easy to respond to the positive reviews that make you and your employees look and feel great. Respond to ALL reviews. Responding to negative reviews is an opportunity to turn an experience around for a dissatisfied customer, explain what happened to potential customers so they aren’t scared off, and to showcase how your company problem solves. All of these scenarios are ways for your brand to come out on top. 

Take A Moment to Review your Strategy

Customer reviews are a very powerful tool that you can’t afford to ignore. And since your customers do most of the work for you, why would you want to? Not only that, but your digital marketing agency offers review management services. With all the benefits that reviews provide for both reputation management and SEO, it's crucial to include them as of your overall digital marketing strategy. Call Smart WSI Marketing today to discuss your review management strategy!

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