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Pay-Per-Click Maintenance Checklist to Consistently Improve Your Results

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Pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns are still one of the most worthwhile investments you can make to promote your business, brand, and products or services. It can be easy to think of PPC as a “set and forget” marketing strategy. Getting the most out of your ads, though, requires ongoing review and maintenance. Smart WSI Marketing is an award-winning internet marketing company that uses proven solutions to help any business achieve maximum results from its PPC ads. Contact us to learn more.

How to Improve PPC Results 

Together with email campaigns, SEO, and social media, PPC ads such as Google Ads are part of an overall online marketing strategy designed to get your message—and website—in front of the right people.  

It takes a lot of organization and management to optimize paid ad campaigns. For many business owners, that time could be better spent on activities focused on growth and revenue.  

When you want to get the most mileage out of your PPC ads, an internet marketing company can be just the partner you need. Along with things like tracking eCommerce KPIs to tweaking budgets and bids, here’s just some of what a digital marketing agency can do to help increase your ad success. 

  1. Check ad positions and, if necessary, refine things like bid management to get your positioning where you want it to be. 
  2. Review campaign settings to ensure you’re targeting the right networks, locations, and devices. 
  3. Check and review landing pages that aren’t performing as expected.  
  4. Review campaign performance to identify winning strategies and see if less-successful ads can be improved on. 
  5. Manage negative keywords so you aren’t throwing away your ad budget on irrelevant terms.  
  6. Review keyword performance for every campaign and check for weak links. You also want to track those search terms that are getting clicks but not converting, or those with low click-through rates. 

Other PPC ad maintenance tasks like checking the quality score and reviewing competitors’ PPC ads can be done less frequently, as can evaluating automated settings your accounts have in place. 

Internet Marketing Done Right 

Working with a local digital marketing agency can safeguard your PPC ad investment and help you reap the rewards you’re looking for. If your PPC ad campaigns aren’t performing as well as you hoped, Smart WSI can help. We’re an Edmonton digital marketing agency with years of experience and expertise in getting a brand’s ads seen by the right audience while tracking valuable metrics to measure each campaign’s success. To learn more, contact us today.

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