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Changes to Google’s Algorithms and How They Affect Your SEO

Changes to Google’s Algorithms and How They Affect Your SEO

If you have been noticing changes to your search rankings on Google, you are not alone. In mid-April of this year, Google updated their core algorithm, and have suggested that the update will focus on improving the quality of the search engine results pages. So, how will these new changes affect your SEO strategies? Let’s take a look.

Core Algorithm Changes

Google has updated their search ranking algorithm, which is typically done as routine maintenance several times over the year. With these changes, some sites will have noticed that their search engine rankings will have dropped, while others will notice gains. Google has noted that there is no “fix” for this new update, and that your SEO strategy should be to continue to build great content. This core update seeks to reward sites that were previously under-rewarded in past updates. This does not mean, however, that your SEO strategy needs to be revamped. Google insists that these changes simply mean that you should continue to work on developing consistent content.

Speed and Security

Google has announced that HTTPS sites will be preferred over HTTP sites. Although not specifically related to SEO, Google encouraged this change so that users knew that the sites that they are visiting are more secure.

There will also be a ranking priority for pages that have a faster loading speed. This will affect desktop and especially mobile pages. If pages are not focusing on page-speed for mobile sites, their SEO will be negatively impacted.

Mobile-First Index

This update is focused on prioritizing mobile pages over desktop pages in search engine results. Your website developer should be taking the necessary steps to ensure that your mobile sites are responding just as well, if not better, than your desktop sites when people are searching for you. The mobile-first index will give a higher ranking to sites that are focusing on mobile optimization.

If you would like more information on Google’s algorithm updates and how they will affect your SEO strategies, or to learn more about effective SEO strategies, get in touch with us. We’ll put on the coffee!

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