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Our Top Diy Seo Tips To Help Improve Your Ranking On Google

Our Top DIY SEO Tips to Help Improve Your Ranking on Google

Understanding how to create a website that is SEO friendly can have a substantial impact on Edmonton businesses that hope to reach new clients and be organically listed near the top of Google search rankings. We specialize in SEO and have been helping small to medium size businesses reach their full potential by improving their ranking on Google. Here are three DIY tips that will propel your business into Google's top search results in little to no time.

Keyword Research

The first step in creating an effective SEO focused website for Edmonton businesses is by focusing on specific keywords that are relevant to their brand and products. Understanding your target audience can help you design web content that will enable your site to stand out from other competitors by using certain keywords. However, it is important not to repeat the keywords too many times, as this will appear unnatural and Google can penalize your website for keyword stuffing.

Outgoing & Incoming Links

Another important SEO tip for Edmonton businesses is to focus on creating outgoing and incoming links to your website. These links can navigate a user to another website, or you can even use social media to generate traffic to your site. Interacting with clients on social media will help build your brand, while also improving your SEO ranking by providing links to your website on social media posts. Continually focusing on social media will help you maintain relationships with existing clients, while also focusing on reaching out to new leads.

Frequently Update Content

Of course, updating your website on a regular basis is another excellent SEO practice for Edmonton businesses that hope to increase their search rankings on Google. While you do not have to provide new content each day, it is a good idea to create a schedule that focuses on delivering new content on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Consistently creating new content will boost your rankings and will give you a significant edge over other sites that fail to update their content on a regular basis.

Creating high-quality SEO content for Edmonton businesses doesn't have to be complicated, and these simple do-it-yourself tips can help launch your website into the very top of the Google search engine. Focusing on specific keywords, links, and frequently updated content will help keep your site on-top and can give you a significant advantage over other sites that fail to take advantage of these simple tips. If you are interested in learning more, contact us, and our SEO marketing experts to help you create high-quality, relevant content.

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Lynne Motkoski, Digital Marketing Strategist
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Education: MA Communications & Technology, BComm [U Alberta]
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Lynne is known for her strategic approach to marketing communications, technologies, and lead generation. She has a passion for education, keeping up with current marketing trends and practices, and helping clients keep ahead of their competition.


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