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Why More Edmonton Website Designers Are Designing Responsive Sites

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With mobile having overtaken desktop as the primary method of accessing websites, it's crucial that your site is designed to adjust and adapt to the screen sizes of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. The simplest and most cost-effective way to accomplish this is to use a responsive website design. Below are just a few of the reasons more business owners are hiring an Edmonton based website designer to build a responsive design for their site.

Lower Cost and Maintenance

Traditionally, website owners created two versions of the site: one for desktop users, and the other exclusively for mobile users. While many still do this today, maintaining two separate versions of one website, however, can be costly and time consuming. An alternative is to have a website designer create a single responsive website that looks and responds great on all devices.

Better User Experience

One of the most obvious benefits of hiring a website designer to create responsive website design is that it provides your viewership with a seamless user experience. Unlike unresponsive websites, a responsive site won't distort the way your website appears on different screens. A website designer can create a website that appears the same across all devices, so your users won't notice any difference in your site's design whether they're accessing it from their desktop, phone, or tablet.

Improved Search Engine Ranking

Currently, search engine ranking is still based on the desktop versions of websites. This is set to change, however, when Google changes its indexing from desktop content to mobile-first content. When this happens, Google will begin to primarily look at a website's mobile version to determine its rank, only resorting to the desktop version when no mobile site is available. A website designer would recommend having a responsive site to prepare for the change

As mobile device use becomes more popular, having a responsive website design is critical.Contact an Edmonton based website designer today to discuss creating a responsive, visually-appealing website for your business.

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