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What Is A Bounce Rate? And How Your Business Can Lower Yours

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Many of us likely have an experience of window shopping in downtown areas, taking notice of an enticing shop, walking in, and then immediately turning around and walking out. In other words, we bounced. The reasons for doing so are varied: Maybe the costs were higher than wanted, the merchandise served a different purpose than originally thought, the shop was too crowded, the music too loud, or the lights too bright or not bright enough. In any case, while you as a shopper you were curious due to the outside marketing, once you got inside you didn't like what you immediately saw and thus left.

Online, this very scenario can play out hundreds of times in which visitors land on your page due to great digital marketing but then bounce right out after viewing only one page. This is what we call "bouncing". A high bounce rate is not what you want as it signifies that your business’ website is not transitioning visitors into customers.

The following is a look at how to lower your bounce rate by improving our online storefront with more desirable website design and development services.

Work with Expert Website Designers to Lower Your Bounce Rate

Having a professional build your website will always pay off in comparison to a DIY website. Not only do web design companies have access to excellent website technologies, experienced website designers will have tried and true methods to bring visitors to your website, spark their interest once they have landed on a page, and ultimately convert them into a sale or lead. They will also keep up to date with new trends and Google best practices and implement the required changes on your website to keep current.

A couple things you can look at if you already have a website and don't have the support of a web design or marketing agency include:

  • Make landing pages more relevant: While on the surface, it may seem like a good thing that your marketing is garnering big attention in terms of high visitor rates, but if those visitors find themselves on pages they didn't expect for products and services that weren't quite what they were looking for, then they are going to bounce. To avoid bounces and improve conversions, take a look at your Google Analytics and identify which pages have a high bounce rate.

    • Review your landing pages and make sure it is giving the user all of the information they would need at that point in their buyer journey. Frustrated users do not convert into leads or sales. Ensure they are catered to your niche buyer persona. Being relevant to your visitors will increase their likelihood of staying and becoming customers as will giving them a seamless user experience with guided and relevant call-to-actions.
    • Review your ad campaign and make sure that the page you are landing to is the most relevant in relation to the ad copy. If not, you will need to change the ad copy to match the page, change which page the ad lands to, or change the content on the existing page to be better suited to the ads and the intention of the ads.
  • Create a cohesive and attractive website theme: Just as pedestrians are attracted into a pretty and unique shop, online visitors will be more attracted to and more likely to further investigate an aesthetically pleasing and well-organized website. A big part of website design and development is considering your specific business's mission and products or services and creating a website that best reflects those elements with relevant targeted content and a user-intuitive web layout that people will want to stay on and explore.

    • Depending on which platform your website is on, you may be able to keep your existing website and adjust the styling and organization. Play around with built in template options, but beware. These can break elements of your website that are difficult or time consuming for a DIYer to repair.
    • Talk to a professional website design company and get a quote on a new build. Any web design agency that has knowledge of digital marketing will set you up for success. This may mean you have to give up the reins and trust their proven practices, but you are more likely to have a website that is designed to attract and convert consumers.

To learn more about bounce rates and how website design and development services can help reduce yours, contact our team today! We aim to give your business that unique and personal touch so you can better appeal to and succeed with your customers.

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