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Exploring ways to improve your brand awareness? Grow your brand with digital marketing.

Exploring ways to improve your brand awareness? Grow your brand with digital marketing.

Increase brand awareness through ads featuring industry related imagery, logos and short messages. Even if users do not click on the ad, they are left with a memory of your business. This technology is comparable to a physical billboard, but instead of your customers finding the billboard, it finds them. These ads potentially increase both online and offline sales.

**It is important to understand that the purpose of display advertising is brand awareness not conversion. Pay-per-click (PPC) is for conversion. PPC is for lead gen and as such, tracks calls, emails, and form submissions. There is a place for both types of advertising in your marketing plan, dependent on your goals and budget.

Where can you feature these brand awareness ads? This type of advertising is done on webpages, mobile apps, and Facebook.

  • Display ads are shown on webpages to people who have previously visited your site or people inside a specific geotarget.
  • Geofence ads are shown on over 300,000 mobile apps (excluding those with their own revenue stream – like Facebook) to people who have entered specific physical locations (storefronts, competitors, etc).
  • Facebook ads are shown on Facebook to people within specific demographics and geotargets with specific interests. The primary goal of these ads are brand awareness but can be set with secondary goals such as getting likes, website clicks, or form submissions.

How do you choose which type of ads to run for optimal brand awareness?

There is no reason that you wouldn’t want to run all three types of ads. It will depend completely on the persona of your buyer and the budget you have allocated to this marketing initiative.

Start getting measurable results sooner!

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