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Big Tips and Tricks That Website Designers Have Up Their Sleeves

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While behind the scenes technical elements are important when creating websites, sleek, responsive design is also crucial in attracting visitors and driving conversions. As Edmonton website designers, we’re often asked for our expert design tips and tricks. With that in mind, how do we create designs that look great and are functional?

Clear the Clutter

First impressions are important: no one wants to interact with a website that is confusing due to clutter. Make use of negative space to clean up clutter on your pages. While design-heavy pages with many images and colours may look great on a large desktop screen, they become difficult to view and navigate when scaled down on a mobile screen. In short, adopt a minimalist approach and ensure that your important elements stand out.

Write Legible, Concise Content

People visit websites because they need information. With that in mind, the content on your website should concise and presented in a way that is easy to read. Ensure that your design helps to facilitate this! You probably wouldn’t stay on a news site where the only way to read an article was pinching and zooming, and you probably wouldn’t read an article if it didn’t present information in a straightforward way so why should your website be any different? Use a web-friendly font, and ensure that your content is concise and immediately gets to the point.

Responsive Design is Paramount

Responsive web design is no longer an option, it's a requirement for any successful Edmonton businesses. Mobile web access continues to grow in popularity and long surpassed desktop access. Responsive design also means using images that are optimized for mobile, so they don't take over the tiny screens, whether to use hamburger menus for your visitors to explore more of your content and ensuring the amount of content is scaled down so it can be digested quickly by your on-the-go mobile users.

If you haven't done a website redesign in the past two years, you may benefit from considering it. Innovations in web design have improved visitor experience and are sure to make your website more inviting. To ensure that your customers do not go to your competition because they find your website difficult to read or navigate, contact us to speak with one of our WSI Edmonton website designers today.

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